"The Hold Me Please Electronic Grab": A Wearable Security System

"The Hold Me Please Electronic Grab" adds security to one's home and person while both stylish and secure.

Security systems, for both home and personal protection, is vitally important today and the new Hold Me Please Electronic Grab is a wearable security system in the form of a glove-like unit, designed to suspend hand-held electronic media, particularly tablet computers such as the iPad as well as smart phone, e-readers, mp3 players, and the like. The intent of this product is to provide a versatile accessory that optimizes user-friendly usage of these devices. It is to be worn on the hand, and ensures that devices remain in place without the user continuously holding it or worrying about slippage, dropping or damaging costly equipment.

The Hold Me Please Electronic Grab is fabricated from a durable soft, thin, breathable material that is offered in small, medium and large sizes to accommodate the stature of any user and fabricated to fit either right or left hand Sheathing the thumb, index and pinkie fingers, it has slits to allow long fingernails to remain unencumbered. The small suction cups and the strip of Velcro at the wrist hold it in place. It can be found with adornments such as cartoon characters, sports team logs, and assorted bling. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Hold Me Please Electronic Grab.

The Patent PendingHold Me Please Electronic Grab was invented by Dorothy White of San Bernardino, CAwho said, “Replaceing damaged electronic media equipment such as smart phones, iPads, e-readers, mp3 players and the like, is no longer necessary when using my Hold Me Please Electronic Grab. It removes the inconvenience of constantly having to grip these items and is perfect for the traveler as well. It works.”

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