"The Hot Air De-Icer": Easy-to-Use and Works Fast Ridding Area of Snow and Ice

The Hot Air De-icer is a specially designed handheld blower featuring an integrated heater mechanism which disperses hot air through the blower nozzle upon activation. The design intent is to provide consumers a simple means of melting snow and ice that has accumulated on their motor vehicles, as well as eradicating snow and ice accumulation on driveways and walkways, thereby eliminating the need to scrape or shovel snow, apply ground salt, or otherwise remove the snow manually.

The Hot Air De-icer looks like and functions similar to a leaf blower and features a hard-plastic, rubber, or ceramic casing inside of which the blower components are housed and features integrated induction heating elements. As such, when the unit is in use, enough blowing heat, approximately 100° F @ 100 p.s.i, (Pounds per square inch) would be generated to quickly melt ice and snow. The sides of the unit would feature vented openings, through which air is suctioned into the device via an integrated motor and high-speed compressor and fan, with these components and the heating element serving together to heat and force the concentrated air out through the integrated 12-inch nozzle. A 3-foot-long nozzle will lock onto the primary 12-inch nozzle with a half-turn, extending the length of the nozzle several feet, enabling the user to easily access hard-to-reach areas. A triangular head which goes from 1 inch, to 3 inches wide, will lock onto the 3-foot extension. Operational control for use in activating the blower and heater function are appropriately positioned on the side of the unit or on the handle as shown in the diagram and schematics. This handy product will also feature an adjustable in length, 4-foot-long carrying strap, facilitating ease of use and transport. An A/C electrical input port would be situated at the back of the unit, so the unit can be plugged via an electrical cord to a standard house outlet. A 20-foot adapter cord that plugs into a vehicle's cigarette lighter would be standard. Whether the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet from a house, or using battery power, an inverter would convert the 12 volts battery power to 120 volts inside the unit. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Hot Air De-icer.
The Hot Air De-icer is Patent Pending and was invented by Bevon Ward of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This device eliminates ice and snow and serves as an alternative to handheld scrapers. It offers an easy, swift and expeditious means of clearing a vehicle during winter weather. It is especially useful for those unable to garage their car. It also works equally well after a long day at work when one is in a rush to get home where it is dry, warm and comfortable. It works on areas other than a vehicle just as well by instantly melting and blowing away accumulated snow and ice. It works.”

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