"The Hot Lunch Box": A Specially Designed Line Of Insulated, Battery-Operated, Heat-Capable Food Containers

Use "The Hot Lunch Box" and kids will have fresh, hot food at school; adults packing lunch when not home works too.

This new Hot Lunch Box is ideal for parents who want to be sure their often finicky child has a hot meal at lunch time. It works equally well for adults who pack their lunch for work. The Hot Lunch Box is a specially designed line of insulated, battery-operated, heat-capable food containers. The design intent is to provide consumers with an effective means of warming food on-the-go prior to eating, thus ensuring foods are safe to eat and deliciously hot when ready for their food, it is particularly beneficial for parents of kids who will not eat at a school cafeteria.

The Hot Lunch Box is an essentially rectangular box-like unit and has copious interior room for housing virtually any chosen food or drink item. There is a small compartment in the lid area used to store eating utensils and napkins. The rechargeable battery takes 15 minutes to heat. When the Hot Lunch Box is opened at the designed time it reveals a hot, thoroughly heated meal and yet any foods placed in the non-heated container remain cool. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Hot Lunch Box.

ThePatent Pending Hot Lunch Box was invented by James Vargyas of Sylmar, CA who said, “I originally designed the Hot Lunch Box for frustrated parents of school aged children who are picky eaters. I was sick and tired of my kids coming home from school starving. They were not eating their cold sandwiches and they didn't touch the hot food in the thermos. School hot lunch programs are not that appealing or appetizing and hot foods packed in a thermos are usually luke warm when lunchtime rolls around. It also eliminates the risk of bacteria forming in a closed warm box. It works!”

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