"The I Select Pillow": Comfort at the Push of a Button When the Sandman is Beckoning

​The i select pillow is a line of top quality, fully customizable, motorized, long-lasting inflatable pillows that allow users to select and adjust the pillows according to their desired firmness level, whether Standard, Firm, Extra Firm or Ultra firm is preferred. Complete with a lighted remote control for darkened environments, the design intent is to provide a resting accessory that optimizes comfort via customization. Easily rechargeable, the i select pillow would include a recharging unit and batteries, and come in sizes from travel to king size.

It is rectangular in shape in sizes ranging from travel, full, queen and king. The pillow's outer casing material is a ticking stripe pattern. The soft, outer layer of the unit is comprised of a layer of down comfort, or expandable foam material, which serves to encapsulate the pillow's inflatable core. This core would also be expandable, via an internal, rechargeable, lithium-battery-powered motor with integrally attached air compressor and valve. The i select pillow's inflation is controlled by a handy lighted dial mechanism (remote) which is wire attached to the corner of the pillow itself. The i select pillow offers four (4) distinct settings: Standard, Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra firm. According to the user's preference, he or she need only set the dial to the desired level. For example, an Ultra Firm setting would result in the pillow expanding to its most inflated level. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the i select pillow.
The Patent Pending i select pillow was invented by Alexander Gray of Hartford, WI who said, “"Efficient rest is sought by many to improve personal satisfaction. The i- select can create comfort more efficiently than other pillows and enhance rest by expanding notions associated with the usage of a pillow."

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