"The Ice Bandage": Provides Relief by Slowing Down Sprains, Strains and Other Hurts

The Ice Bandage is an elastic bandage wrap that incorporates its own expandable pouch for an included, re-usable ice pack. By combining these two familiar therapeutic devices into a single, easily-used product, the Ice Bandage provides the beneficial, anti-swelling properties of the ice pack and the support of the elastic wrap bandage and thus provides users with relief superior to that afforded by either product considered separately.

The Ice Bandage combines the re-usable ice pack and the wrap elastic bandage into a single, easily-applied product. The Ice Bandage consists of an elastic bandage, one end of which is an elastic pouch designed to accommodate an included, re-usable ice pack, which slips into the pouch and is sealed in place with clips or a hook and loop closure. The bandage comes in a variety of lengths and widths suitable for wrapping ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders and even the back. The Ice Bandage is designed so the ice park is applied to the very site of the injury, pain or swelling and then wrapped and held in place by the elastic bandage–which not only holds the ice pack in place, but also provides structural support to shore-up and strengthen a strained, sprained, or ailing joint. Like the bandage, the ice pack in the Ice Bandage is produced in a variety of widths and lengths; and like other ice packs can be stored in the freezer between applications. Further, the pack – again like others on the market – functions as both a cold pack and a hot pack: the cold pack prepared in the freezer, the hot pack prepared in the microwave. Since many sports physicians and physical therapists recommend an alternation of cold and hot therapy for strain-and-sprain injuries, this makes the Ice Bandage not simply a two-in-one unit, but a three-in-one – and even more effective. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Ice Bandage.
The Ice Bandage is Patent Pending and was invented by Huntley Dixon of Country Club Hills, IL who said, “It has taken too long for this type of bandage to be out in the market place because It is easy to use, anchors the cold or hot pact and has the simplicity of buying a single-all-in-one unit instead of two separate ones. For those hurting his is a major advantage. Overall, it works and is just exactly what people who are injured really need. It works perfectly.”

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