"The Ice Cream Ice Pop Holder": Catches Drips Keeping User's Clothing and More Clean and Dry

Cool and sweet is a tasty treat that children and adults alike appreciate and enjoy during the hottest days of summer as well as in other cooler climates. The Ice Cream Ice Pop Holder is a line of biodegradable, absorbent drip catchers designed to attach to the stick bottom of ice pops and other frozen treats. The design intent is unique and easy-to-use by everyone. It provides consumers, particularly children, with a means of enjoying their favorite ice pops and ice cream flavors without the drippy mess. The Ice Cream Ice Pop Holder will accommodate all varieties of handheld ice creams including ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches and ice pops.

Fabricated of a durable, lightweight, and biodegradable material, the Ice Cream Ice Pop Holder is shaped to accommodate almost any size available in the marketplace and measures up to 6” in length and approximately ¼” in depth. Each Ice Cream Popsicle Holder is comprised of a separation at its top that creates a Y-formation; expandable to accept the stick of the ice pop or ice cream or other similar items of almost any size. Featured on the surface of each side of this top would be a lining of absorbent material to catch any errant drips. The Ice Cream Ice Pop Holder comes in packages of up to 12 or 24 each and each holder can be used over and over. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating an exceptional and very strong consumer interest in the Ice Cream Ice Pop Holder.
The Ice Cream Ice Pop Holder is Patent Pending and was invented by Mohamed Abdelbaky, Senior Mechanical Engineer and owner of ABD ENGINEERING of Valencia, California who said, “This is a biodegradable material holder that absorbs the leaks from this delicious treat. The Ice Cream Ice Pop Holder is affordable and is unique in design and very easy to use by anyone and protects clothing, car seats, carpets, furniture and much more from the drips. It is the “catcher” and it works perfectly.”

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