The Intelligent Name Game

The Name Game helps players educate themselves all with just the roll of a die.

The Name Game is a specially designed interactive board game, of which participants during play are required to list the names of notable people, historical figures, and celebrities. It is designed to provide consumers an exciting game of chance and knowledge which would serve to educate, as well as provide hours of competitive fun. To be played by two or more players, The Name Game is designed to expand the player's knowledge of notable persons such as historical figures, athletes, and celebrities just to name a few.

The Name Game actual game board would be an ample, bi-fold board manufactured of durable cardboard. Included also would be a specifically designed 26 sided die with one letter of the alphabet on each single side, along with a 45 second timer. The main goal of the game would be to roll the die, and with the selected letter that you roll, come up with the appropriate answers to your question in 45 seconds. The person with the most correct answers would be declared the winner. Play could continue for as many rounds as desired, at which point, the player with the most names that match those in the included reference book would be declared the winner. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest.

The Patent Pending Name Game was invented by Michael Mironchik, of Flushing NY, who said, "teens and adults should especially enjoy The Name Game, as it would provide exciting and spirited competition that can be enjoyed with family or friends."

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