"The IPH-iPhone/iPod Holder": Offers Secure Hands-Free Operation of Phones, Tablets and E-Readers

If you have been looking for a way to end your stiff neck and sore arms and hands while using your e-reader then here is the perfect way. The IPH-iPhone/iPod Holder is a multifunctional security system, made in the U.S.A., featuring an unbreakable design that is specially configured for propping, tilting, swiveling, and supporting electronic media such as smartphones, tablet computers, e-readers, and the like. The design intent is to provide a versatile accessory that optimizes user-friendly, hands-free operation of these electronic devices.

The IPH-iPhone/iPod Holder unit, including the adjustable clamp with non-slip grippers at the end of the clamp's arms is made of a transparent, unbreakable material. The circular shape has a circumference of ten inches. The opening of the IPH-iPhone/iPod Holder is sized appropriately to accommodate most small electronic devices—smartphones, tablets, e-readers and mp3 players. At Three adjustable clamps or holders at the base secure the device within the Holder while allowing the media to be tilted back and forth at three different angles for optimal viewing. The perimeter of the unit boasts a 360-degree swivel feature for adjustability of the chosen device. The IPH-iPhone/iPod Holder's bottom is augmented with four slip-proof tips which serve to keep the Holder balanced when it is secured to a surface such as a tabletop, desk, or counter. The IPH-iPhone/iPod Holder is offered in a variety of colors to appeal to individual tastes but not interfere with the visibility of the screen. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the IPH-iPhone/iPod Holder. 
The IPH-iPhone/iPod Holder is Patent Pending and was invented by Nancy Best of Staten Island, NY who said, “This is the perfect device allowing users to comfortably relax while reading, updating social media, watching a movie or enjoying a lengthy FaceTime conversation. It alleviates stressful straining and the need to bend the head and neck to view the device properly. It works.”

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Source: Invents Company


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