"The Ironing Board Cover": Secures Over the Surface of an Ironing Board for Temporary Use

"The Ironing Board Cover" covers possible contaminants on publicly used ironing boards such as in hotel rooms.

​Without a doubt all types of travelers have to use the available ironing board in their rooms. Whether one is a business traveler preparing to look fresh and crisp for a meeting or a family on vacation, the need to press one's clothing is important. This Ironing Board Cover is a lightweight portable fabric sheathe, made to secure over the surface of an ironing board for temporary use by the occupant.

The Ironing Board Cover provides efficient protection for clothing and accessory items used on such an amenity. It enables the user to maintain a hygienic and professional carefully pressed appearance wherever he or she might be. It is quick and easy to apply and is an effective barrier in any public laundry facility. It comes in different shapes and sizes and the material is double sided and reversible.

The Patent Pending Ironing Board Cover was invented by Coveia Hope of Pemberton, NJ who said, “It is amazing what luggage can do to packed clothing. Even the very best packing can still create the wrinkled look one wants to avoid when on a business trip in particular. This Ironing Board Cover is made of fireproof,durable material and has corners which help secure the cover to the board. It works perfectly.”

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