"The Jaguar EZ1 Fishing Reel": A New Design For A Bait-Casting Style Fishing Reel

"The Jaguar EZ1 Fishing Reel" is an elegant accessory to aid in catching that long-awaited big one.

Calling all fisher men and women! This is a new design that many may have been waiting on. The Jaguar EZ1 Fishing Reel is a new design for a bait-casting style fishing reel, one that would feature not only a casting/release button but also a simple, thumb-pressed braking button that would prevent frustrating “bird's nest” snarl-ups as well as applying variable levels of drag when a big fish is on the line.

The Jaguar EZ1 presents anglers with an improved design in open-face casting reels, one intended to eliminate the problem of backlash snarls and one that will add a push-button drag feature as well. The Jaguar EZ1 reel eliminates the need for the angler to develop the thumb-braking technique essential to other bait-casting reels. The Jaguar EZ1 does this by adding a second thumb-lever to rear of the reel which is a sophisticated braking mechanism that senses and then applies the precise amount of required pressure to slow the spool smoothly enough at the end of a cast to prevent backlash. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Jaguar EZ1 Fishing Reel.

The Patent Pending Jaguar EZ1 Fishing Reel was invented by an avid fisherman, Jesse Bunton, Jr. of Houston, TX who said, “Avid anglers will quickly see the benefits of the Jaguar EZ1 Fishing Reel. It is highly responsive and makes it easy to master bait-casting reel appropriate for fishing with baits or lure in fresh or salt water. It is streamlined and sleek and works perfectly taking the guesswork out of the casting equation!”

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