"The Keep Away": Provides an Effective Barrier Between Plants and Pests

The Keep Away is a durable screen-like mesh pop-up covering that would be placed over tomato plants (and their supporting cages) as well as other caged plants and seedling trees to protect them from animals and insects. The Keep Away easily pops up for use or collapses flat for storage. The covering would be secured via four metal grommets at the bottom of the unit. Metal spikes will be driven into the ground to hold the protective covering in place. The Keep Away would provide a quick, convenient, and effective means of protecting cultivated garden plants from destruction by hungry animals, as well as insects and other pests. The Keep Away would also eliminate the need for expensive, hazardous pesticides and other chemicals, thus resulting in organic crop and plant production.

The Keep Away is fabricated in a durable screen-like mesh, fine enough to prevent the passage of insect pests, yet not so fine as to prevent the passage of sunlight and rainwater. The standard Keep Away is intended for use with a standard tomato cage. The Keep Away is also produced in larger sizes as plant-support cages do vary. The Keep Away is produced in a variety of colors-coded according to the specific plants protected: including red for tomatoes; green for beans; yellow for peppers. A pop-up unit, The Keep Away is secured at the bottom of the plant-supporting cage by means of four metal stakes driven into the ground through the four grommets located at the bottom of the mesh covering; and the collapsible Keep Away is sufficiently substantial to be stored flat when not in use and will last for multiple growing seasons. Once The Keep Away cover is a successful product, it will be followed with a product line of Keep Away plant-support cages and you will be able to personalize your garden with a name plate that fits the Keep Away cage when ordered (Livingston's Garden). The Keep Away features a zipper to allow for easy plant access and harvesting. The Keep Away provides an effective barrier between plants and pests. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Keep Away.
The Keep Away is Patent Pending and was invented by Ronnie Livingston, Sr. of Homewood, IL who said, "Although it works efficiently to keep pests away, it allows for life-giving rain, carbon dioxide and sunlight to reach the plants allowing them to grow. So--it is far more than just pest prevention- it eliminates the need for preventative chemicals which create health concerns- and hazards as well as the additional dollar cost to raising the produce. Better yet, it protects plants from the dietary habits of deer, rabbits and other animals. It works."

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