"The Knee Pillow": Primarily for Side Sleepers Providing Superb Comfort Position All Night Long

​The online Merriam-Webster dictionary provides a simple definition of sleep as to rest your mind and body by closing your eyes and becoming unconscious. The unconscious part is difficult however if one is suffering from arthritis, back or knee pain, or a member of the senior population who has problems not evident when one is young. The Knee Pillow is a set of cushiony soft, memory foam knee pads secured to the inner side of one knee by fully adjustable, elasticized, Velcro® straps. Worn on one leg while sleeping, the design intent is to provide consumers a practical means eliminating knee-to-knee contact and keeping the spin in proper alignment at the same time resulting in a comfortable night’s rest.

The Knee Pillow is fabricated of an elastic memory foam material that facilitates a comfortable customized fit during wear. It is hypoallergenic and safe for those with allergies or sensitivities. Each Knee Pillow is encased within a removable, machine washable covering manufactured of a silky and soft velveteen material. These covers are available in an array of striking colors, patterns and printed designs. Each Knee Pillow set has wide strap fasteners made of a soft elasticized material and slide over the leg. They are held in place at the ends via Velcro® or similar fasteners. A unit need only be fastened around one leg.    Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Knee Pillow.
The Patent Pending Knee Pillow was invented by Norma Petruceli of Astoria, NY who said, “The Knee Pillow gently cradles the knee and prevents direct knee-to-knee contact. It serves to keep the spine and hips in proper alignment eliminating lower back pain, sore hips and the aching knees often suffered by side-sleepers. It is a simple way to achieve a comfortable night’s sleep if one is a side-sleeper. It works perfectly.”

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