"The Konrad Breathing Apparatus": An Affordable, Lightweight, Compact, Comfortable and Easily Employed Mouth-Held Breathing Filter

Invents introduces "The Konrad Breathing Apparatus" which is a device that will aid persons with respiratory ailments as well as those working in hazardous environments.

​Without the ability to breathe no one could live, and many individuals work in areas where the dust and poor air quality make breathing comfortably almost impossible. The new Konrad Breathing Apparatus, (a product of 2ESSES-LLC) has been designed and developed as an affordable, lightweight, compact, comfortable and easily employed mouth-held breathing filter.  It features 100% inhaled air filtration through the device and is designed for use by anyone working in a dusty or hazardous atmospheric environment.  The Konrad Breathing Apparatus filters particulate matter out of one’s breathing stream, preventing dust, pollen and other noxious agents from entering and irritating the airways and lungs.

The device offers children and adult consumers an effective oral breathing filter designed for use where air-borne particulates such as dust, pollen, paint or other contaminates compromise air-quality.  It consists of three easily assembled components: - a replaceable mouthpiece - the pipe and valve assembly (intake & exhaust valve) - and a replaceable air filter that fits snugly into the pipe and valve assembly. The mouthpiece fits on the valve end and the filter fits on the intake end. The retail package will also include nose clips, additional filters, a CPAP adapter and a lanyard.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Konrad Breathing Apparatus.
The Patent Pending Konrad Breathing Apparatus was invented by Stephen Konrad and Susan Rhone of Leonardo, NJ who said, “There’s a multitude of people who will benefit from our apparatus. For example, construction personnel, people using breathing devices, farmers, firemen, miners, hair and nail salon employees and so many more occupational fields. It really works. At last, a perfect alternative to the mask!”

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