"The Ladder Safety Stabilizer": Provides a Smooth and Safe Climb Up or Down a Ladder

Anyone who uses a ladder in the progress of a job duty or for working around the home knows the vital impact of having a stable ladder. Very serious injury and worse can happen when the ladder does not stay exactly where it was established. This new device aids the safety of every user.  The Ladder Safety Stabilizer has a specially designed adjustable angle positioning and length attachment for ladders that automatically secures the bottom section of a ladder to a structure. By securely attaching to both the structure and the ladder, the design provides a safe means of ladder security, preventing “kick outs” and slippage that can otherwise result in serious injury or even death.

Primarily fabricated of heavy-duty steel or aluminum, this product is an adjustable, elongated unit. The proximal end of the Ladder Safety Stabilizer features a dual “hook” system, which serves to attach the device to the one of the rungs on the opposite side of a ladder, ideally the third rung for optimal stability. There are two set pins to further connect this component to the ladder. An adjustable, telescoping pole extends from this proximal end culminating in a rectangular assembly at the distal end outfitted with screws to secure the stabilizer at an adjustable angle, to the appropriate surface such as the building structure. It is universal in configuration and will accommodate virtually any model of extension ladder currently on the market. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Ladder Safety Stabilizer. 
ThePatent Pending Ladder Safety Stabilizer was invented by Robert J. Loucks of Altamont, NY who said, “Safety is a word many people use without realizing the importance it might have to do with his or her own actions. Anyone using this device is cognizant of the necessity of working with tools that will protect and provide personal safety. This works.”

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