"The Lazer Tape": A State-of-the-Art Tool That Performs Perfectly as the User Desires

Perfection is the name of the game in the world of accurate measurements and this new product produces just exactly that. The Lazer Tape combines a high-quality, high-precision steel tape-measure with both a horizontal and vertical laser level measuring tool, thus combining two essential tools into one compact, convenient device that can be easily clipped to one's belt, or magnetically attached to metal surfaces. Complete with a carrying case, and LED screen which displays the laser acquired measurements, as well as being deal for professional contractors and household do-it-yourselfers, the Lazer Tape would leave room in the toolbox, allow one to measure without assistance if desired, and deliver accurate and superior results on the jobsite or around the home.

The Lazer Tape looks like a construction-grade steel tape-measure and is available in a 15’, 25’, or a 35’ length and indicates feet and inches as well as measurements in the metric system for global use.  The tape's pull-tab is raised slightly above the bottom of the steel casing and the bottom of the casing is perfectly flat. The laser-emitting aperture or lens is centered in the leading edge at the bottom of the casing as well as atop the unit for both horizontal and vertical measurements. The laser is powered by a long-life, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with an adapter and charger-base included. The front of the casing is equipped with a digital, LED readout to indicate the laser measured distance. A button on the top of the casing activates the laser and the leveling function, pushing once for horizontal measurement, and twice for vertical.  The Lazer Tape features a magnetic back, so it can be attached to a metal surface when measuring or using the laser, thus offering “an extra hand” on the job. It also allows an individual to measure distance without assistance, as the laser measures said distance and displays the reading on the LED.  The Lazer Tape functions normally as a locking tape-measure and  a carrying case is included. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Lazer Tape.
The Lazer Tape is Patent Pending and was invented by James George of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This unit has the ability to take measurements with laser technology and display the results on the LED as well as the combination of two essential tools into ONE. When the Lazer Tape is available there is no need to find and carry a separate level. It is the perfect tool for all jobs where accuracy counts. It is a state of the art tool and performs exactly as the user desires.  It works.”

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Source: Invents Company


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