"The Lazy Audio Touchscreen Headphones": New Beginnings Which Are Sleek and Stylish for Wireless Devices

​Technology has been on the increase for years and now it has produced a totally wonderful new device called the Lazy Audio Touchscreen Headphones – a pair of premium, over-the-ear headphones equipped with wireless Bluetooth connectivity; a built-in microphone for use as a Bluetooth phone headset; and a pair of touchscreens built into the exterior of the ear-pads – one of which enables the user to control the music functions  and the other of which handles the phone functions, all without having to physically retrieve the phone in order to do so.

The Lazy Audio Touchscreen Headphones have a stylish and sleek outer case made of molded thermoplastic; the headphones feature a folding headband with a padded-underside and have an adjustable fit. They are foam-cushioned, plush, with breathable ear-pads, pleasing bright color accents and splashes and high-end audio components with emphasis on bass desired by today’s listeners. It is powered by a long-life rechargeable, lithium-ion battery A micro-USB port is situated at the base of the right ear-cup with the power button and a sliding volume control situated on the concentric rings of the ear-cup assembly. A microphone is incorporated into the lower housing of the left ear-cup and there is a string of LCD mini-lights as well that indicate remaining battery-life. The package includes a USB power adapter. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Lazy Audio Touchscreen Headphones.
The Patent Pending Lazy Audio Touchscreen Headphones was invented by Johnny Contreras of Oakview, CA who said, “What make this device really unique is that it utilizes a pair of high-definition, oval-shaped LDC touchscreens incorporated into the exterior of the ear-cups. Better yet, with simple and easy instructions, one can listen to music or talk on the phone without having to take off the Lazy Audio Touchscreen Headphones. It works.”

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