"The Leahy Safety Lift": Get in and Out of the Bathtub With Ease

​The Leahy Safety Lift is a booster seat with suction cups for use in the bathtub. It is designed to help the elderly, or someone suffering from limited mobility, in getting in and out of the bathtub. The Lift's elevation factor will allow it's users who might otherwise be unable to get up from the bathtub floor, a simple means of lowering and lifting themselves into and out of a bathtub, making bathing enjoyable and worry free again. The Leahy Safety Lift will be made from a sturdy plastic material and will be rectangular shaped. There will be a set of strong suction cups attached to the bottom of the lift to secure it in place. The top will be made from a rubber grip material for comfort and to keep the user from sliding off while it is submerged.

The Leahy Safety Lift will allow users who suffer with mobility problems, as well as the elderly, or those with special needs, to enter and exit a bathtub in a safe manner. With the lift, it will be easy to transfer to and from the bathtub because of the elevated capabilities. It will be lightweight but durable, and water resistant. Not just intended for the elderly, it will prove invaluable to anyone with mobility limitations such as those who suffer from arthritis, or palsy to those who have had joint replacement surgery or broken bones. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Leahy Safety Lift.
The Patent Pending Leahy Safety Lift was invented by Teresa Martin of Oak Ridge, NJ who said, “Although it is primarily intended for home use, The Leahy Safety Lift will be very beneficial to hospitals, or especially nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.”

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