"The Lid Remover & Strainer": Makes Cooking Easier and Simpler!

"The Lid Remover & Strainer" from Invents drains liquid from canned foods with one simple and swift movement.

​Grocery shopping in today's supermarkets or even in the small Mom & Pop stores can be a real challenge although many products today have not changed much from those of yesterday, such as many canned foods. The Lid Remover & Strainer makes cooking easier and simpler—all in one single motion—open the top of the can while draining the water, oil or similar liquids from the bottom of the container, making preparation of such foods quick, clean and easy.

This new product, the Lid Remover & Strainer a unique hand-powered can-opener designed specifically for use with canned foods, such as potted meats, tuna, etc., that are packed in water or other liquids. It makes a hole at the bottom to drain the liquid from the container. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Lid Remover & Strainer.

The Patent Pending Lid Remover & Strainer was invented by Cesar Orozco of Rialto, CA who said, “This manually operated can-opener is designed not only to cut and remove the can lid but also to drain the water or other liquid from the can and collect it for easy disposal. The magnetic top section aids in the lid removal and the metal spike with drainer has a removable drain pan that is adjustable and able open any height can easily and with little force required. It works perfectly.”

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