"The Lidzekur-Multi Purpose Cord": The Ideal And Endlessly Adaptable, Handy And Affordable Product

"The Lidzekur-Multi Purpose Cord" both holds and maintains wherever used as an organized and neat problem solver.

Most individuals dislike chaotic clutter and prefer to maintain a well-ordered and organized appearance in his or her particular world. That is not always as simple and easy as it sounds, but the new Lidzekur-Multi Purpose Cord may be the answer. The Lidzekur-Multi Purpose Cord is a multi-purpose shock-cord or bungee cord equipped with fittings that make it extraordinarily useful to a wide variety of consumers, for a wide variety of uses—from securing a lid to a pot for transport and/or for storage, to holding the knobs of double-doors together, to securing, bundling and tying down anything from books to boating, fishing and camping equipment. The versatile Lidzekur-Multi Purpose Cord provides the ideal and endlessly adaptable, handy and affordable solution.

The Lidzekur-Multi Purpose Cord is offered in a variety of lengths and/or diameters. The shock-cord loop is equipped with one hook fastener (clasp) attached to one end of the loop, two snap-locks, and two slides which serve to subdivide the one large loop into two smaller connected loops. The locking mechanism are used to hold a particular configuration in place. The device comes in different colors and styles using the flat bungee cord and decorative locking device. It is very useful when traveling and keeps luggage zippers from over expanding thus keeping the luggage safely closed. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Lidzekur-Multi Purpose Cord.

The Patented Lidzekur-Multi Purpose Cord was invented by Concepcion Pleitez of Montclair, CA who said, “I have a prototype which works exceptionally well. It works in so many different areas that the potential designated uses are limitless. It organizes, bundles and secures any item on which it is used and once it is in your drawer, tool shop, truck or car, you will never be without it again. And, consider this—when delivering a potluck dish to a picnic the hot or cold contents remain secure.”

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