"The Lift Gate Extension Plate": Safely Eases Movement of In/out Cargo From Truck

Have you ever imagined having the ability to solve certain workplace problems? At one time or another most of us have felt that way, and, now a typical problem has been solved by those working in the off and on maneuvering of truck contents. Those in this career field will understand that this new device answers several problems. The Lift Gate Extension Plate is a specially designed, dual hinged, diamond-steel plate that swings to cover the gap between a truck or trailer's floor and its lift-gate. Eliminating the gap in between the trailer floor and lift gate, the design intent is to make loading and unloading the truck trailer a much easier and smoother operation.

The Lift Gate Extension Plate is 6 to 8’L x 15 to 20”W and fabricated in heavy-duty, diamond-steel plate. The plate is fastened to the forward end of the lift-gate by a pair of heavy-duty, welded hinges that permit the plate to lie flat against the upper surface of the lift-gate, and to move with it when the lift-gate is closed and not in use. When the lift-gate is lowered for use, the Lift Gate Extension Plate is swung up and forward, lying flat, extending slightly into the truck or trailer, and covering the gap between the lift-gate and the truck or trailer floor. Thus, the Lift Gate Extension Plate essentially becomes part of the lift-gate, creating no impediment to the lift-gate's motion or function, but swinging up and over the gap between truck or trailer floor, and the lift-gate – making a continuous surface – when the lift-gate is in use. The continuous floor will make it easy to move freight from truck or trailer to lift-gate and pose no problems for rolling pallet-jacks. Further, the Lift Gate Extension Plate will make the truck or trailer mechanic's job easier when it comes to installing and adjusting lift-gates – as the Lift Gate Extension Plate will serve to cover the inevitable gap. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Lift Gate Extension Plate.
The Lift Gate Extension Plate is Patent Pending and was invented by Jerzy Maslowski of Oak Lawn, IL who said, “I am a trailer mechanic. I knew this was a long-needed product and one which will eliminate the gap between the loading platform and the lift gate platform. It is easy-to-use and works perfectly.”

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