"The Love One Reminder for Seatbelt Use": A Personalized Seatbelt Reminder to Buckle Up and Come Home Safe and Sound

The Love One Reminder for Seatbelt Use can be factory-installed or produced as a smartphone software application for Bluetooth-equipped vehicles – which will replace the automated, annoying beeping reminding occupants to fasten his/her or their seat-belts with a special, caring message from a loved one, friend, or family member. This is a message they want us to come home safe and therefore to wear the seatbelt. By personalizing the seatbelt reminder, one is more likely to buckle up, thus saving lives. It is also the opportunity to hear the recorded voice of loved one which will brighten anyone’s day.

The “Buckle Up!” message from a loved one can be recorded on either the vehicle's hands-free phone or on the user's smartphone and then transferred to the vehicle's hands-free, Bluetooth phone. The message or messages are linked wirelessly to the seatbelt/shoulder-harness receiver and would play automatically once the vehicle's driver-door is closed until the seatbelt and shoulder-harness are buckled. In an aftermarket version, the Loved One Reminder for Seatbelt Use may require the services of an automotive technician for installation and de-activation of the standard beeping-tone reminder. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Love One Reminder for Seatbelt Use.
The Love One Reminder for Seatbelt Use is Patent Pending and was invented by Eddie Aranda of Santa Ana, CA who said, “This offers the precise motivation for a driver to stay safe and return home in one piece. Besides the personal “buckle-up” reminder from a loved one, this does away with that irritating and annoying mechanized beep.”

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