"The Luggage Mati": A Line of Travel Suitcases

Invents introduces "The Luggage Mati" which provides labor-free rolling luggage without stress on user's body.

Traveling is an ongoing problem for those constantly having to move from one location to another, often in the course of their work.  This new product will aid the traveler and keep the luggage together without a big problem. The new Luggage Matic is a line of travel suitcases equipped with sensor-operated, automatic wheels with the design intent to provide luggage that moves on its own without users have to struggle to transport heavy baggage. This product also features an extendable device for use in securing multiple bags together so that they may be automatically pulled and transported upon sensor activation.

A longtime commuter will quickly see the benefits of the Luggage Matic It looks like a standard suitcase and is produced in various sizes with a durable aluminum and plastic framework and a heavy duty plastic component. The Luggage Matic itself will be made of soft and durable vinyl, canvas, or leather materials but can be produced as a hard suitcase as well. The sensors that operate this luggage are sensitive and the technology will allow for multiple bags. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Luggage Matic.

The Patent Pending Luggage Matic was invented by Edinaldo Nascimento of Kew Gardens, NY who said, “It is hard to understand why this unique luggage has not been made available before. It is absolutely the most efficient way to transport packed goods when traveling. It is like a corporate traveling office which sensors and provides your needs with whatever is packed within the luggage. There is no strain or stress to the user and even with multiple bags it performs admirably.”

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