"The Luggage Protector": An Interior Shock-Absorber System

"The Luggage Protector" allows the contents to absorb the shock of harsh movement when traveling.

Travel can be exhausting and difficult for people and it can be even worse for the contents of the user's luggage. That is the reason the Luggage Protector came into being. It is an easy-to-install, interior shock-absorber system designed to protect the contents of a suitcase against the rigors of traveling. The Luggage Protector is affordable to anyone who travels and is very cost effective because it absorbs the shocks of rough treatment by baggage handlers and protects the contents from breakage or otherwise becoming crushed, thus requiring costly replacement.

The Luggage Protector protects items placed in a suitcase that often get damaged or crushed during travel. The height of the product varies based on the height of the suitcase. The system relies upon a set of shock-absorbent, hour-glass shaped pillars that are to be inserted into the suitcase in a supportive geometric patter. The inserted pillars act both as a crossbar support and as shock-absorbers when the sides of the suitcase are compressed. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Luggage Protector.

The Patent Pending Luggage Protector was invented by Yash Aggarwal of Germantown, MD who said, “This device has the ability to keep everything inside the suitcase in tip-top shape. No more breakage or crushing.”

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