"The Mag Strap": Simplifies the Task of Tying Down Any Type of Cargo on Trailers or in Truck Beds

Invents introduces "The Mag Strap" which makes tie-down of cargo safe and secure without needing assistance.

Those who have used a ratchet strap will quickly see the benefits of the new Mag Strap. By simply placing the steel anchor on the lip of the side of a trailer or truck bed, the Mag Strap can be easily and securely be tightened into place. This feature gives the user plenty of stress-free time to maneuver the strap into its final resting place across the load ad is easy to ratcheted securely down for transport.

The Mag Strap aids a user working to tie-down cargo straps and it holds the free end of the strap and its hook to the anchor on the truck-bed while the long strap is maneuvered across and over the load. It inserts into the Mag Strap ratchet and is then tightened down to properly secure a load. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Mag Strap.

The Patent Pending Mag Strap was invented by Jerell Cryer who lives in Paso Robles, CA and who said, “The Mag Strap dramatically simplifies the task of tying down any type of cargo on trailers or in truck beds. The added magnetic hook or magnets hold the hook in the placed area enabling the user to secure the other without fear of losing the anchor. The strap strength varies from light to and through heavy duty depending upon the cargo needs. It works perfectly!”

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