"The Magic Pyramid-Puzzle Chocolate": Shaping Up to Assemble a Unique Treat or Solve Challenging Puzzle

Packaging perfection is the objective of manufacturers. The Magic Pyramid-Puzzle Chocolate is an attractive and unique packaging concept where tasty snacks like chocolates or nuts, can be packaged into four, diamond-like geometric puzzle pieces which fit together in a unique manner to form a large three-sided pyramid and which collectively fits into a pyramid shaped box. Entertaining consumers of all ages, the Magic Pyramid provides a tasty snack within a fun and challenging puzzle. The Magic Pyramid is also produced as a puzzle alone.

The Magic Pyramid-Puzzle Chocolate packaging is available in different colors including, black, silver, and gold. Whether containing chocolates, candies, or nuts, or simply produced as a puzzle for entertainment, the Magic Pyramid draws attention. Even the way in which several units can be uniquely displayed draws attention. The secret is that the four, diamond-like pieces that comprise the large pyramid can only be assembled in one way, and it takes a little work to figure it out. It looks easy, but it is a challenge! Novices will try again and try again as it grabs at their curiosity. Pyramids or displays can be stacked into larger pyramids, or packaged in an attractive gift box. Magic Pyramid packaging includes a company's logo and the name of the snack or treat within. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Magic Pyramid-Puzzle Chocolate.
The Patent Pending Magic Pyramid-Puzzle Chocolate was invented by   who said, “The puzzle is somewhat reminiscent of the Cube puzzle and it is a novelty item that both and children and adult will enjoy.  There is only one way to solve the puzzle and piece together a larger pyramid and at the same time it can satisfy the sweet tooth. It is a fun challenge and it works.”

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