"The Magic Wand": Practical Spray Perfects Personal Bathroom Hygiene

This unusual device benefits all adult users. It serves both as a hand-held bidet and as a toilet bowl cleaner. The Magic Wand is a handheld pressure-spray wand and hose that is easily connected to a toilet's water-supply line, offering consumers a quick, easy and highly effective appliance for personal bathroom hygiene, as well as a handy spray-nozzle for rinsing or cleaning a toilet bowl. The unit is affordable and easy to install. The Magic Wand meets the needs of consumers for both personal hygiene and bathroom cleaning.

The Magic Wand is fabricated in injection-molded thermoplastic. A flexible vinyl hose, terminating in a threaded T-valve connected to the toilet's water-supply line supplies water to both the toilet and the Wand. The Magic Wand has a comfortable to grip handle which features a lever-style “trigger” to control the volume and pressure of the spray. The Wand extends five inches beyond the handle and this “Reacher” section makes a 90-degree bend prior to the nozzle. The terminal nozzle fitting is replaceable with two nozzles offered with the Magic Wand providing for a gentle spray for personal-hygiene and a stronger spray for toilet-cleaning purposes. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Magic Wand.
The Patent Pending Magic Wand was invented by Salvador Roxas of Buena Park, CA who said, “The Magic Wand offers a cooling comfort for the users and as a side benefit performs as a toilet bowl cleaning accessory.  It particularly benefits seniors and individuals with limited mobility. It also will aid caregivers responsible for the wellbeing of those under their care. But besides this, every human uses the bathroom and the Magic Wand offers the height of personal cleanliness.”

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