"The Master Pet Belt": Make Walking Dogs a Pleasure in All Types of Environments

​Walking a dog can be satisfying for both the walker and the canine.  But, sometimes it is difficult to walk more than one dog at a time. However, many people own more than one dog. Here is a possible solution for easily walking more than one canine at a time. The Master Pet Belt is a uniquely designed, strong and durable waist belt and pet leash system, with the belt to be worn by pet owners featuring several sturdy metal loops on which the wearer would secure one or more pet leashes, and a multipurpose clip for attaching to retractable leash handles, a set of keys, a flashlight, and more. The design intent is to provide dog and pet owners a convenient, hands-free means of walking their animal, and one which offers belts of various sizes and strengths, depending on the size and strength of the animal.

It is manufactured of durable and pliable nylon material and is similar in appearance to a standard belt. It is a one-piece, strap-like device comfortably held about the waist via a sturdy buckle or sturdy clip closure. These belts are produced in a range of sizes, widths, and strengths to accommodate various body types and wearers, and many different animals, from small to extra-large. The Master Pet Belt is also made available in a variety of attractive colors, patterns and printed designs; most notably, on each side of the hip areas of the Master Pet Belt is a series of three (3) durable metal rings, onto which the user secures the animal’s leash. As such, multiple animals can be secured to the Master Pet Belt. In addition, the leash or leashes may be pulled in or shortened by hand to bring the animal closer to its owner when necessary.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Master Pet Belt.
The Patent Pending Master Pet Belt was invented by Pedro Quezada of Jersey City, NJ who said, “Animal lovers who are also dog owners (and walkers) will appreciate the easier way of completing a leisurely stroll with their pet. The Master Pet Belt makes is easier and it works perfectly.”

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