"The Mattress Raiser": Enhances Supportive Quality of Any Mattress and Offers a Better Night's Sleep

​Everyone appreciates the ability to sleep comfortably and safely all night long but sometimes that is not possible. The new Mattress Riser is an accessory that is a simple and affordable support system de4sihgned for installation between a mattress and a box-spring or other mattress foundation. It is designed primarily to prevent at-risk individuals from falling, rolling or sliding off a bed. The Mattress Raiser also enhances the supportive quality of any mattress and offers a better night’s sleep to all users.

The Mattress Raiser is a system of two foam wedges that are to be placed lengthwise along and beneath either side of a mattress…beneath a fitted sheet and between the mattress and box-spring or other foundation. The mattress will then be supported on either side to prevent sagging; the raised outer sides of the foam wedges serve to prevent a sleeper from accidentally rolling, sliding or falling off the bed. It is somewhat reminiscent of the pillows grandparents placed on the bed around grandbaby during a short visit.The two wedges are fabricated in polymer, also known as memory foam. Each wedge is encased in its own zippered, washable, form-fitting cover.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Mattress Raiser.
The Patent Pending Mattress Raiser was invented by Milica Awshee of New Windsor, NY ofwho said, “What is really helpful when using the Mattress Raiser is the fact that anyone in the home who might be at risk of falling or sliding out of bed can be contained because of the raised border elevation. It is almost impossible to roll out of bed and fall when the Mattress Raiser is in use and it doesn’t require cumbersome bed rails. It works.”

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