"The Mini Soccer Field": Allows Safe Play on This Unique New Type Soccer Field

​Attention Soccer players! Imagine being able to play virtually anywhere even without an enormous backyard! The Mini Soccer Field is a soccer et that offers a safe and convenient way of turning virtually any space into a soccer field regardless of size limitations.  The design intent is to allow users of all ages to play a game of soccer similar to the game of foosballl (also known as table football).  It promotes teamwork toward common goals and enables players to increase physical fitness while having fun in a safe and controlled environment.

The Mini Soccer Field is comprised of two long sides that are made of a durable hydro-injected thermoplastic and within these two plastic sides is an inner inflatable tubing that lends structure and stability to the borders. The unit will also possess end caps serving as a “porter’s lodge” or goal boxes on either side, both of which have netting. Across the expanse of the unit are four rigid plastic bars that connected to one another. Velcro® straps secure the sides of the unit and maintain the rigid bars keeping them in place. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Mini Soccer Field.
The Patent Pending Mini Soccer Field was invented by Carlos Regusci of Houston, TX who said, “Playing games in any atmosphere brings about comradeship as well as challenges between the players. The New Mini Soccer Field allows impromptu games of soccer and improves cardiovascular and overall health of all players. It is a positive activity and amuses as well as entertains. It works.”

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