"The Mobile Pet Bath": A Specially Designed, Portable and an Elevated Bath Station

Invents introduces "The Mobile Pet Bath" which allows owners to bathe their dog at home in physical comfort.

​Grooming beloved four legged fur babies is a job that is required regularly but can be costly event. One way to save on grooming costs is bathing the animal(s) at home. However, unless the canine is as small like a Yorkie Chihuahua or one of the other typical tiny breeds, the bathtub is where the bath has to take place and this does not allow the owner to stand upright.  The Mobile Pet Bath on the other hand is specially designed, portable and an elevated bath station that enables the user to stand upright or even sit in a chair while bathing the dog. The unique design and scale size of the Mobile Pet Bath provides the animal with a sense of comfort and calm making the cleansing process easier for both the human and the canine.
The Mobile Pet Bath has a drum-like tub with an elevated support stand.  It is made of heavy duty materials yet is lightweight and rust-resistant with an ample oblong receptacle featuring a wide, flat base and an open, large basin. It is available in small, medium and large versions to accommodate different animal breeds. The legs have wheels and are adjustable according to the needs of the user. A drain valve removed the   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Mobile Pet Bath.
The Patent Pending Mobile Pet Bath was invented by Eleanor May Lowe of Rosamond, CA who said, “Not only will the Mobile Pet Bath save you grooming dollars (bathing) it will help your animal smell good all the time and not require the owner to hide his or her nose from the nose and body of their four legged loved one. It also saves sore knees and back and is perfect for those pet owners who are seniors or suffer limited mobility. It works equally well for cat owners and gives all pets a sense of security when being bathed.”

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