"The Motorcycle Tow Bar": Solves Many Different Towing Problems for Avid Bikers!

Invents introduces "The Motorcycle Tow Bar: which stands bike upright for securing behind hitch for safe transport to beach or mountains.

Towing a vehicle behind a truck or SUV can be a hassle. The Motorcycle Tow Bar, a locking tow bar designed to couple with a vehicle’s trailer-hitch receiver, allows for an easy and secure connection. It supports the front wheel of a motorcycle and locks it into place for towing. The best virtue of this device is that it has been developed into a working, tested prototype by the inventors and it enables a single individual to easily tow a motorcycle without the need of a trailer or needing assistance to accomplish the feat.

The Motorcycle Tow Bar solves many different towing problems for avid bikers. The advantages of the new Renosis system is apparent in the fact that it is compact and essentially a one-piece unit requiring only a towing vehicle with a universal hitch-receiver, a length of  a 10 inch plank and some tie-down straps. Once the tow bar is mounted, the system comes into play and fastens the mounting ramp to the tow bar, wheels the bike up the ramp and over the rocker arm and it is ready to transport.Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Motorcycle Tow Bar.

The Patent Pending Motorcycle Tow Bar was invented by George Renosis, a professional mechanic, and Michelle Clemente of Seaford, NY who said, “Installing the Motorcycle Tow Bar makes for ease in securing a motorcycle in a matter of minutes. Best of all, it is a one person job….no help is needed.”

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