"The Multi-Brush & Flex-Head Paint Pole": A Product Line of Painting Equipment

"The Multi-Brush & Flex-Head Paint Pole" supplies all the equipment needed for the paint professional or DIY'er.

Having sufficient storage space for tools can be a hassle when surrounded by tight quarters. However, if using the Multi-Brush & Flex-Head Paint Pole, a product line of painting equipment—including a brush with a flip-up paint scraper and paint can opener—as well as a multi-position extension pole to which the brush can be fastened securely then less space/room in either a work vehicle, garage, tool room or closet, is required. The Multi-Brush & Flex-Head Paint Pole is also the perfect accessory for cleaning/washing, dusting and wiping down high ceilings and is particularly helpful in industrial uses where chandeliers and hardware need cobwebs/dust removed and windows need cleaning – this product handles those needs without scaffolding or ladders.

The Multi-Brush & Flex-Head Paint Pole was designed to simplify the work of painting by combining the essential tools as well as extending the painter's reach and coverage. The numerous attachments are invaluable to the user and supplies every need while on the job. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Multi-Brush & Flex-Head Paint Pole.

The Patent Pending Multi-Brush & Flex-Head Paint Pole was invented by Tyrone Culberson of Chicago, IL who said, “This is a device that provides a painter with a modular system as well as a multiple-angle flexible-headed extension pole. The paint-brushes feature, on one side of the handle and bristles, a flip-up, flip-down, locking-blade paint scraper. The tip of the brush handle ends in a flat narrow blade suitable for prying the lid off paint cans. But, it also works perfectly in other areas for all users.”

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