"The Multi-Functional Squeezer": Provides Juice From Fresh Lemon With Easy Squeezing

Some jobs in a kitchen are fun and that is the case when using this new tool. The Multi-Functional Squeezer is a manually operated lemon-squeezer and three-in-one kitchen tool comprised of a lemon-squeezer with a detachable funnel for producing a fine stream of fresh-squeezed lemon juice; a storage compartment for the other, unused half of the lemon; and a bottle-opener. Ideal for any kitchen, the Multi-Functional Squeezer would freshly squeeze a lemon half, store the other half, open a bottle, and funnel juice into a bottled water or beverage without spillage or waste.

The Multi-Functional Squeezer is fabricated in a corrosion-proof metal and measures 9”L x 4”W x 3½”D and has looks like other squeezers in that a half-lemon is placed into a hemispheric chamber at one end of the device. The handle of the Squeezer has an upper and lower component, the lower component holding the half-lemon to be squeezed, and the upper component serving as a lever, with a hemispheric boss or protuberance at one end that will press down onto the fruit when the two components of the handle are squeezed together. In the Multi-Functional Squeezer, the lower component handle features ergonomic contours for a better, more comfortable grip and has a bottle-opener at the end of the grip adjacent to the lemon holder. This lower component, at the base of the squeezing chamber, also features a threaded outflow fitting for an accompanying funnel, so that a fine stream of lemon juice is produced when the lemon is squeezed. The base of the squeezing chamber is equipped with a filter to retain the seeds as the juice flows down into the funnel and the awaiting beverage bottle. The upper component of the handle is equipped with a locking, pin-hinged lid allowing the unused lemon half can be stored to be squeezed later. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Multi-Functional Squeezer.
The Multi-Functional Squeezer is Patent Pending and was invented by Luis Bravo of Schaumburg, IL who said, “This truly is a new kitchen tool and it not only squeezes the lemon half, it stores the other half for later. It is comfortable and easy to use and works as well in the home kitchen as in commercial and industrial kitchens, plus it keeps those seeds out of the fresh juice too. It works.”

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