"The Multiple Lugnut Bit": Ends the Slow and Difficult Method of Changing a Tire

​Owning and caring for a vehicle is a natural event for millions of people but when it comes to changing a tire it can become a challenge. The Multiple Lugnut Bit is a battery-powered lugnut wrench for use in removing and replacing all lugnuts at one time that hold a motor vehicle's tire-rims to its hubs. The unique design of this tool serves to remove (and later replace) not just one lugnut at a time, but all the rim's lugnuts at once making the changing of a flat tire much easier and less labor-intensive.

The Multiple Lugnut Bit has two components: a universal handle containing a rechargeable battery and basic drive mechanism and a series of interchangeable drive attachments designed to fit, tighten or loosen the lugnuts. The cylindrical ergonomic handle is fabricated with a rubber grip for ease of operation. The lithium-ion battery provides power to an electric motor to rotate the centered driveshaft – clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to loosen. At end of the handle is a snap-locking head to which the various interchangeable drive attachments fit and lock. The tool-grade drive attachments are manufactured of chrome-vanadium steel. Each of the drive attachments will work by means of multiple geared driveshafts concealed within the radiating “spokes,” and powered by a basal geared shaft that is driven by the drive-head in the handle. Thus, when the tool is assembled and the drive attachment is locked onto the handle, sliding the handle control switch to Forward will drive all the attachment's lugnut sockets clockwise at the same speed and sliding the switch to Reverse will drive all of the sockets at the same speed counter-clockwise. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Multiple Lugnut Bit.
ThePatent Pending Multiple Lugnut Bit was invented by Tremayne Hood of Riverside, CA who said, “Each Consumer will purchase it for their particular vehicle but additional attachments are available separately for use with the universal handle on a wide range of cars, vans, SUVs pickup and larger trucks.  No one wants to spend any more time than necessary to change a tire and avoid the danger of being hit on the roadside during heavy traffic. The Multiple Lugnut Bit works.”

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