"The Music Lighter": Lights Up the User With Both Flame, Music and Song

​Following new trends can be fashionable and now there is a fun and novel alternative to ordinary cigarette lighters that will become a trendy item.  Everyone will enjoy the musical whimsy when lighting a candle, starting a fire or having a smoke. The Music Lighter is a specially designed handheld lighter featuring an integrated music player that emits samples of three different songs, with a different sample playing, each time the lighter is lit. With each lighter featuring a different genre, rock; hip hop; pop; country; and more, the design intent is to provide consumers a novel and entertaining alternative to traditional lighters and one with appeal to a broad range of consumers including smokers and nonsmokers.

The Music Lighter looks and functions like a traditional handheld lighter but is offered in both disposable and reusable versions. The disposable version features a sturdy plastic housing while reusable versions are made of metal materials and a hinged opening enabling the user to periodically refill the lighter with butane and replace the depleted wick. What sets the Music Lighter apart from other lighters is the device's integrated music player. Housed within the base of the lighter is a portable music player pre-programmed with specific music samples emitted through a small speaker on the front of the unit. A small battery supplies power. A simple On/Off switch is included for use in controlling the music playback each time the activation switch is depressed. The Music Lighter will represent a variety of musical genres including rock, hip hop, pop, country, folk and bluegrass. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Music Lighter.
The Patent Pending Music Lighter was invented by Lyle Laidley of Brooklyn, NY who said, “The Music Lighter is a great conversation piece and it peeks the interest of friends, acquaintances and passersby at social events and elsewhere. It is a collectible item for avid music fans. It works.”

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