The New Multifunctional V-Shelf

The multifunctional V-Shelf creates additional storage space without using any valuable floor space.

Does it seem as if more storage space is always needed, but there is simply no room for large, cumbersome end tables or bookshelves? Maximize storage without taking up valuable floor space with the V-Shelf. A specially designed shelf, the V-Shelf easily folds flush against a wall surface when not in use. It has a sturdy, spring loaded hinge mechanism and hook and eyelet system for accessing the shelf. Providing a durable, elevated platform on which to store small items, the V-Shelf is ideal for guest bathrooms, apartments, dorm rooms, and other small spaces which may not have enough storage space. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the V-Shelf.

The Patent Pending V-Shelf was invented by James Vernon of Moreno Valley, CA, who said, "Simple to use and easily mounted to virtually any wall surface, the V-Shelf can be easily used in a matter of seconds to accommodate a cup of coffee, cell phone, wallet, newspaper or other personal items. Some spaces are so small, that if a shelf were to be used, the door couldn't be opened, but with the V-Shelf this isn't a problem. The shelf is simply folded down before opening the door."

The inventor added, "The V-Shelf can also be used as a permanent shelf instead of a temporary one. Just leave the V-shelf in place to display mementos, artwork, and other items in a stylish manner." The product website of the V-Shelf can be viewed @

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