"The No See Wiper": Provides a Clear View of Road Ahead During Wiper Use

Perfect vision is the key to safe driving. This new product has long been needed and aids the driver of every vehicle containing the new wipers. The No See Wiper is a line of specially designed windshield wipers and blade assemblies, configured of completely translucent materials, to offer an unobstructed view of the road ahead. The design intent is to provide motorists with a simple and effective means of further improving visibility during inclement weather, without the obstruction and distraction of black windshield wipers, and the associated driver fatigue. (All parts of the wipers to be sold separately as aftermarket replacements for all vehicle makes and models.)

The No See Wiper is made of translucent materials. The No See Wiper is available in several sizes compatible with the different size requirements for wiper and blade assemblies used by the various makes and models of automotive vehicles. Assemblies are available for use with tandem, opposed, and single arm systems. The No See Wiper system is comprised of an elongated support arm which is snap fitted to the blade in the center of the unit. As with traditional blade assemblies, a series of arms branch out from either side to where the blade is attached to the support ensuring constant, even pressure as the blade traverses across the windshield. The most notable aspect of the No See Wiper is that these units are manufactured with malleable, transparent materials which include internal fiber reinforcements. The wiper blades are UV stabilized and include an anti-glare layer. The blade is an easy “snap and lock” fit to ensure expedient installation. This product may also be implemented into new vehicles at point of manufacture. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the No See Wiper. 
The No See Wiper is Patent Pending and was invented by Yoel Falkowitz of Spring Valley, NY who said, “Drivers will have a completely unobstructed view of the road when the No See Wiper is in place. There is no back and forth blur and yet the rain, snow and sleet are swiftly moved off the windshield giving a clear view of the road ahead.”

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