"The Non-Stick Cotton Swab": Safety and Security All-in-One Cleansing Swab

Have you ever heard the saying to put nothing larger than your elbow in your ear?  Medical professionals do not always use a language we can understand, and these tough words are tougher still if attempting to accomplish this. Here is the right way to deal with items requiring the use of a cotton swab. The Non-Stick Cotton Swab is an improvement of the cotton swab commonly used to clean and treat sensitive areas such as the outer-ear canals, around the eyes, and so forth. Because the fibers and filaments of the cotton swab itself can become dislodged in the ear canals for example – and a source of irritation and infection – the Non-Stick Cotton Swab seals the cotton heads within a highly absorbent cover permitting the swab to perform its function without breaking apart or unraveling thus eliminating unwanted side-effects.

The disposable cap or liner for the Non-Stick Cotton Swab – which might be made part of the manufacturing process for cotton swabs, or produced and sold as a separate accessory product for use with standard swabs – is fabricated in a “light, absorbent, synthetic plastic.” (Another possibility in terms of materials might be the absorbent sanitary paper used in disposable diapers and incontinence products, but molded into the shape of the form-fitting, elasticized cap.) If produced as an accessory for existing cotton swabs, the cap or sheath would fit tightly over the cotton swab, with a narrow, elasticized “neck” at the bottom, and a tie or band to prevent the cap from working its way loose. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Non-Stick Cotton Swab. 
The Non-Stick Cotton Swab is Patent Pending and was invented by Christopher Corulla of Staten Island, NY who said, “Personal hygiene can be a problem but when using the proper tools, it is easier and safer. The Non-Stick Cotton Swab is both soft and absorbent and does not unravel or leave fibers behind. It works perfectly for every user.”

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