"The Old-Fashioned Beanie Helmet": Provides Toasty Warmth as Well as Loyalty to Favorite Team

One way to look professional is to mimic the clothing of the professionals and the helmet is the sure way to mimic one’s favorite beloved football team while also staying warm and cozy while watching the game. The Old-Fashioned Beanie Helmet is a line of winter caps styled in the manner of an old-school, leather football helmet, yet fashioned of soft, contemporary materials – fleece, cotton, or a wool-polyester blend – that provide both comfort and warmth for the head and ears. Ideal not only for football fans, but for anyone who braves the winter's cold, the Old-Fashioned Beanie Helmet – a stylish, unique, full coverage beanie complete with adjustable chin strap – should find an enthusiastic market among today's consumers and football fans especially, young and old.

The Old-Fashioned Beanie Helmet provides helmet-like coverage of the head and ears and can be produced in a variety of cozy materials – from fleece to a wool knit, to cotton, and more. The Old-Fashioned Beanie Helmet comes in a variety of sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.  Like a helmet, the ear-flaps, or the sides of the “helmet” are embellished with a logo or patch. An integral aspect of the design is the inclusion of such insignia or patches, not only for NFL teams but also for college teams and amateur or local teams. In the case of professional and college teams licensing issues need to be addressed. Alternately, or in the beginning, the Old-Fashioned Beanie Helmet will also be produced without these logos, perhaps with a football in its place. The forehead and nape-of-the-neck borders of the “helmet” are accentuated with strips of contrasting material, and the center seam – to further suggest the leather helmets so accentuated with a strip contrasting in colors. The ear-flaps are also finished with a pair of adjustable chin-straps that will not only complete the “helmet” look, but also keep the Old-Fashioned Beanie Helmet snug and secure in the wind. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Old-Fashioned Beanie Helmet.
The Old-Fashioned Beanie Helmet is Patent Pending and was invented by Leston Guillory, Jr. (a Pittsburgh Steeler fan) of Long Beach, CA who said, “Although I now live in a warm climate the cold climate during football games made me shiver. This product not only looks like the old-fashioned leather football helmets it will keep one’s head and ears warm during the game. It is an old-look with up to date features. It looks great and it works too.”

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