"The Oracle Band": A Specially Configured Monitoring System

Invents introduces "The Oracle Band" where communication is the name of the game when wearing the Oracle Band.

Alerting one another of a problem when wandering farther away from an originally intended location can be a problem unless using some kind of communication device. That is precisely what the new Oracle Band can do. It is a specially configured monitoring system for children, as well as disabled adults. The Oracle Band will alert parents and caregivers, should their charge, (whether a child or one suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer's or other disabling characteristic), wander too far away or become lost, thus helping to keep them safe and easily found.

The Oracle Band will alert parents and/or caregivers should their child, loved one, or charge has moved beyond the accepted perimeter. The device consists of a transmitter for the child or charge and a receiver for the parent or caregiver. It has an adjustable wrist band made of a soft “gel-like” durable material. Integrated into the Oracle Band computer are designated range controls which will notify the caregiver or parent when exceeding the limit with the bracelet giving the alert signal. Both devices are powered by standard alkaline batteries or a rechargeable battery source such as lithium, nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Oracle Band.

The Patent Pending Oracle Band was invented by Samael Peña of Los Angeles, CA who said, “The Oracle Band is like an insurance policy for the parent or caregiver. Always paying the premium with the hope and prayer it will never be needed. However the unique design allows for maximum comfort while maintaining a strong and tamper-free style so that the bracelet cannot be easily removed unless done by the parent or caregiver. The Oracle Band decreases the chance that a child or loved one can wander away without quickly being noticed and rescued from any unknown problems.”

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