'The Outdoor Christmas Lights Pocket': Outdoor Decor Year After Year Solves Labor and Time Problem

The two letters “re” have far more meaning than many of us recognize. It is a prefix and according to Dictionary.com on the Internet, it means occurring originally in words used with “again or again and again” to indicate repetition or reverting to use. This meaning is perfect when speaking about this new product. The Outdoor Christmas Lights Pocket is a handy system of on-house, Christmas-light storage featuring a long cover hooked to the soffit of a house or structure, to hang down, behind the Christmas lights, in season, and at the end of the season, with the light-strands still in place is simply folded upward to enfold, cover, and protect the lights during the rest of the year. The design intent is to save consumers the time, trouble and labor spent on decorating year after year.

The Outdoor Christmas Lights Pocket is fabricated in a canvas or synthetic polyester material in a polypropylene like that used for tarps. The Outdoor Christmas Lights Pocket Is produced in a variety of colors to suit consumer tastes and house-painting color schemes; and the Outdoor Christmas Lights Pocket is sold in sections of 6 or 12 feet each, with Velcro® strips on either end so the sections can be securely linked together. The Outdoor Christmas Lights Pocket in the unfolded, extended configuration is 8 inches in height and a series of regularly spaced, grommeted holes in the top and bottom are designed to hang on nails or hooks established in the soffit or fascia boards of the structure. When folded or rolled upward for light storage the Outdoor Christmas Lights Pocket is only 4 inches in depth, virtually invisible under the soffit boards of the house. It is recommended that the top and bottom edges of the Outdoor Christmas Lights Pocket are also finished with mating Velcro® strips ensuring secure closure of the Pocket when it is folded upward so wind and weather will not get into the lights. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Outdoor Christmas Lights Pocket.

The Outdoor Christmas Lights Pocket is Patent Pending and was invented by Ann Stephens of Los Angeles, CA who said, “The Outdoor Christmas Lights Pocket offers homes and businesses a streamlined system for displaying Christmas lights and enables users to install the lights once and to keep them up year-round while concealing the lights offseason. At the end of the holiday season, the lights are folded or rolled up into the eaves or fascia board. It is easy to install and has a long working life. It works perfectly saving time and money.”

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