"The P.A.M. (Preventative Accident for Motorist)": Provides Visual and Audio Safe Passage for All Vehicles

Safety on the highways is of utmost importance. When driving, particularly during a motorcycle week, safe driving impacts those on cycles as well as those in vehicles. If drivers are using this device called Preventative Accident For Motorist or P.A.M. safe transport is easily assured. P.A.M. is a receiving device for passenger and commercial vehicles and a transmitting device for motorcycles specially designed to—detect the presence of a motorcycle— before the driver of the vehicle makes a turn or changes lanes. The design intent is to provide motorists with a safe and effective means of preventing tragic accidents by audibly and visibly warning drivers to the presence of a motorcyclist should one be in a blind spot.

P.A.M. is a radar-equipped device designed to detect the presence of an approaching motorcycle or one nearby, providing an audible as well as a visual indicator of whether it is safe to proceed. A simple transmitting and receiving system designed to accommodate virtually any vehicle, P.A.M. is comprised of a radar transmitter and a receiving control box and alert system. The interior of the transmitting unit features a frequency generator, amplifier, antenna, and the required electrical/electronic components and circuitry encased within a durable plastic housing. Intended to fit on the exterior of a motorcycle, the transmitter would connect, or transmit, a signal wirelessly to the receiver box. This receiver consists of a tuned frequency and a receiver circuit, both enclosed within a sturdy, plastic housing. A speaker and lights are configured within the receiver as well as an LCD screen, micro SD card, and USB port. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Preventative Accident Prevention also known as P.A.M. 
P.A.M. (Preventative Accident For Motorist) is Patent Pending and was invented by Jorge Lizarraga of Ontario, CA who said, “This unique device serves as a guardian to drivers of vehicles and those riding motorcycles or scooters. It will save lives and that is the objective of P.A.M.  It works.”

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