"The P-P Out System": Efficient, Discreet And Sanitary Voiding Of Liquid Waste

"The P-P Out System" is specially designed for male Over-The-Road, Long Haul Truckers.

Attention truckers! Everyone recognizes the essential service truckers provide to society by transporting finished goods and raw materials nationwide. Time spent on the road is money in the bank for owner-operators and drivers. No one knows better than transport professionals how difficult it can be to find a place to relieve one's self when on the highways of North America.. OTR drivers usually need to be on the road toward densely populated areas where the demand for trucked goods is greatest and yet this is often where the cost of land for new truck stops is at a premium. The new P-P Out System may well be the answer to the personal comfort of these career drivers.

The P-P Out System facilitates efficient, discreet and sanitary voiding of liquid waste. There are fewer delays in the journey to the drop off area when this product is utilized. It comfortably accommodates the male anatomy and is easy to use. The user inserts the penis into the funnel and powers on the pump mechanism for vacuum suctioning at which time the user can urinate normally. The vacuum swiftly suctions the urine directly into the three gallon holding tank where it is sealed until able to emptied.

The Patent Pending P-P Out System was invented by Mauricio Paulino of Reading, PA who said, “When striving to meet a schedule there often is not sufficient time to pull off the road to search for a restroom or comfort station and although there are great 24/7 truck stops they may not be where one is needed. Long haul drivers have tight schedules and time is vitally important. The P-P Out System is designed to allow drivers the ability to void without the necessity of searching for a rest area. It works!”

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