"The Paint Pusher/EZ Sprayer": A Hand Held, Upright, Airless, Electrical Pistol Style and Trigger Activated Paint Sprayer

Invents unveils "The Paint Pusher/EZ Sprayer" which provides steady clean paint flow with a simple touch of the trigger.

​New kinds of products come into being all the time. In this case the device is for the professional painter or the homeowner who may do their own interior decorating. The Paint Pusher/EZ Sprayer is a hand held, upright, airless, electrical pistol style and trigger activated paint sprayer. The design intent is to provide both the professional and amateur painter with a sprayer that does not clog and is both neat and efficient. It features an integrated paint container at the top of the unit and a pressure adjustment knob along with the ability to provide a continuous spray.

The Paint Pusher/EZ Sprayer, a hand-held, pistol style sprayer, allows a comfortable grip when working and as such, provides professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers with a no mess, no-clog alternative to the traditional paint spraying systems which are often cumbersome and require an air compressor for operation. The Paint Pusher/EZ Sprayer deserves the name—because it is easy to handle, lightweight and the non-clogging solution to problems causes by other paint sprayers. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Paint Pusher/EZ Sprayer.

The Patent Pending Paint Pusher/EZ Sprayer was invented by Ronald Garcia and Ronnie Garcia of Riverside, CA, both of whom said, “No matter what paint store you may visit in the near future, you will find this perfect paint sprayer—The Paint Pusher/EZ Sprayer. It is so efficient that once used a “painter” will never again be without it.”

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