"The Paper Roll Caddy": Performs With Accuracy for Every User

​At one time or another everyone has had the problem of a paper towel spinning out of control. Sometimes that can be dangerous depending upon the location.  One way to stop this is the new product called the Paper Roll Caddy.  It is an adjustable elastic strap designed to securely hold a roll of paper towels (or toilet tissue) in a variety of situations from a post or tree when camping to a seat or head-rest in a car. The unit is coated with an anti-bacterial agent for hygienic purposes and easily adjustable for the type of roll and mounting structure in question. The Paper Roll Caddy is offered for a variety of consumer uses and is utmost in convenience.

The Paper Roll Caddy is an elastic strap finished with an anti-microbial coating to ensure hygienic safety. It is adjustable in both length and degree of tension. It is designed to run through the cardboard tube at the core of a roll of paper or toilet tissue. The Paper Roll Caddy can be fastened around almost anything including—a vehicle head rest, a car seat, a tree or a post at campsite, the lifeline or seat on a boat, the leg of a picnic table and more depending upon the needs of the user.  Both ends of the strap have a riveted fastening mechanism such as a hook and holes, snap fasteners or mating Velcro® strips.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Paper Roll Caddy.
The Patent Pending Paper Roll Caddy was invented by Alexandria Borrero of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This is a product that is inexpensive to make and inexpensive to purchase. It keeps the roll of towels from rolling or unrolling where it often gets wet or damp.  It is the perfect paper-roll dispenser capable to be accessed single-handedly.  It works perfectly.”

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