The Patented Fishing "Equipment Lighting Assembly" (F.E.L.A.)

The Patented Fishing "Equipment Lighting Assembly" (F.E.L.A.) makes night fishing easy plus it provides years of fishing enjoyment.


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The Patented Fishing “Equipment Lighting Assembly” (F.E.L.A.)


It is important that a fisherman knows the location of their equipment and this new device is specialized for night fishing equipment that works without the hassle or side effects of harsh lighting. The hours of dusk to pre-dawn are prime hours for fishing and also the most visually challenging.  The F. E. L. A. is designed to remedy that problem. Consisting of a battery operated LED/fiber optic lighting assembly attached to, or taken off of all types of fishing equipment from trott and drop lines, to Gaffs/landing nets all the way down to the cooler and tackle box. Anyone using the F.E.L.A. will find that the element is waterproof, and practically indestructible. The housing unit will only be water resistant, but very sturdy and able to handle everyday use for commercial fishers. The ambient lighting that illuminates the rod when fishing in the dark gives user full view of the rod/pole etcetera without attracting bugs or causing retinal retention. “Translation will not impair vision so person will still be able to see other hazards from holes, logs, water edge, or snakes if not in a boat.”

It also allows the individual fishing to know the location of their equipment in order to avoid breaking it or injuring themselves or others. The F.E.L.A. light source has a lumen output sufficient to cause a perceptible glow of the element. It uses two Triple A batteries that will last several nights of fishing. Batteries will be removed after fishing which will lengthen the life and efficiency of the batteries, plus will put the user in the mind-set of keeping the batteries instead of polluting the water; raising the alkaline in the water which makes the fish unsafe to eat due to hazardous waste. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fishing Equipment Lighting Assembly.   

The Patented F.E.L.A. was invented by Bryan K. Gibbs of Timberlake, NC who has said, “Avid fishermen will quickly see the benefits of this device and appreciate the rod illumination when fishing in the dark. The adaptability of this product it what makes it so amazing—not a single nibble, strike or bite would go unnoticed. My makeshift devices are exceptionally successful; and every individual who seen them has wanted to buy one from me! So, if they do buy one they will come back for another and another, because I do not know a single fisher who owns less than four rods, and they will buy more!!  I have also learned that even the poorest of people think between forty and fifty dollars would be fair due to what they spend on lights that only last one night.”

The inventor added, “Given the chance the Fishing Equipment Lighting Assembly would quickly become infamous amongst persons who fish at night.”

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