"The Pedal Flusher ": Helps Maintain Healthy Habits and Fully Flushed Toilet in Bathroom Hands-Free

How many times over the years have you uttered “don’t touch!” to your kids when using a public bathroom? Perhaps your mother said that to you too. The Pedal Flusher equips toilets – both public and private – with a foot-pedal for flushing. It is far superior in function to sensor-flushed toilets – which don't always flush, or flush fully – and the Pedal Flusher not only flushes each time the foot-pedal is depressed, it also spares the consumer the need to touch the handles of public toilets and thus avoid contact with waste, germs and bacteria often found on toilet handles.

The Pedal Flusher equips commercial-style toilets – either at the time of manufacture or as an add-on, aftermarket accessory feature – with a foot-pedal, the depression of which results in a consistent, sure-fire flush. The Pedal Flusher, although primarily intended for use in public-restrooms ranging from those of highway rest-areas to those of restaurants and businesses, is also produced in an add-on, aftermarket version for use in household rest-rooms. The Pedal Flusher is fabricated in stainless steel. For a handle-flush toilet, the Pedal Flusher consists of a spring-tensioned foot pedal, adjacent to the toilet, and a connecting rod mechanism, this mechanism fastening to the toilet's handle and pulling it down when the foot pedal is depressed. A Pedal Flusher for a sensor-flushing toilet essentially functions the same way and provides the same service. In both cases, the foot-pedal is easily accessible and after each flush returns to its pre-flush position automatically. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pedal Flusher. 
The Pedal Flusher is Patent Pending and was invented by Queena Jones of Orange County, CA who said, “This flushing device is a sure-fire toilet flusher. It eliminates the need for using the hands to flush. It flushes 100% of the time and is kid friendly too. It works.”

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