"The Perfect Plate": Keeps Food From Being Pushed Off the Plate for All Users

Dining in comfort and able to control removing food from a plate or bowl can be a problem for many individuals. However, one will never be embarrassed while dining with others when these new utensils are in use.  The Perfect Plate is a line of both disposable and reusable plates and bowls featuring outer edges that are curved or folded upward and inward around 40% of the perimeter of the dish. Ensuring that food does not spill over the sides when one is scooping up food to eat, the design provides consumers, young and old, with dishes that help keep the food on the plate or in the bowl while eating resulting in less mess, less waste of food, and less cleaning.

Disposable Perfect Plates and bowls are offered in paper or cardboard material, while reusable dishes are produced in durable, dishwasher-safe hard plastic, metal, or ceramic varieties. Regardless of the material, these plates and bowls are available in various sizes to accommodate different types of foods and meals. As an example, a standard Perfect Plate measures 12” in diameter by 1½” in depth. Bowels are between 4- to -5” in depth and come in various circumferences.  The unique aspect of the product is the “lip” or outer edge that is curved approximately 1½” upward. This curvature covers approximately 40% of the dish's perimeter. Other designs include non-skid, rubberized ridges on the bottom for stability, as well as packaging Perfect Plate dinnerware with a specially designed storage rack to facilitate neat and easy stacking. This product is produced in a wide array of colors and designs. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Perfect Plate.
The Perfect Plate is Patent Pending and was invented by Jeswantie Jailall of Long Island City, NY who said, “This accessory provides all diners an effective way to manage loose food Items such as beans, peas, rice and similar foods while eating because it serves as wedge to make it easy to scoop onto a fork or spoon.  It eliminates embarrassing messes with dribs and drops onto the floor while allowing the individual to eat even with only one fork or spoon. It is simplicity on a fork or spoon and perfect for everyone including children and those who suffer from limited mobility. It works.”

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