"The Perfect Snowman": Easier Than Ever Before When Using These Special Molds

Both children and adults living in the northern winter climates enjoy the snow and performing snow angels and making snowmen. Making the right snowman is not always easy unless one is using this new device. The Perfect Snowman is a line of “Snowman” molds, configured to stack in tier form, to enable users to create the perfect snowman. Featuring a straight and sturdy guide to keep the tier in line, users would pack snow into the three-sphere shaped, hinged molds, then open each sphere, revealing three, connected, perfectly sized balls of snow which form The Perfect Snowman. Set sizes will vary from extra small to extra-large allowing users to create snow families of various sizes.

The Perfect Snowman is a line of various sized snowman molds comprised of three spherical pieces arranged in tier form with the bottom being the largest of the spheres and the top being the smallest. Each section features an open top and bottom so that when stacked and loaded with snow, each section joins together with its neighbor forming a stable snowman. A sturdy guide is included which would keep the three spheres in line. One side of each sphere is split down the center and the back side of each sphere is hinged so that after all three spheres are filled with snow the doors of each can be opened and the unit removed revealing The Perfect Snowman! Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Perfect Snowman.
The Perfect Snowman is Patent Pending and was invented by James Jones of Chicago, IL who said, “What makes this so great is that one never needs to start small, roll and roll until there is sufficient snow to grow it to the proper size. It sets up to accept snows and once filled or packed all that is necessary is to remove the mold and The Perfect Snowman has been created. It works.”

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