"The Personal Toilet Seat Cover": A Specially Designed Portable and Reusable Toilet Seat Cover

"The Personal Toilet Seat Cover" protects users when forced to utilize public restrooms.

Attention travelers! Between business travelers and leisure or tourist travelers, numerous individuals are in the air or on land every single day of the year. No matter where one is located it's always necessary to utilize public bathroom facilities. However, there are times one would wish he or she could wait. That problem is lessened when the Personal Toilet Seat Cover is available. It is a specially designed portable and reusable toilet seat cover configured expressly for travel use. The design intent of the Personal Toilet Seat Cover is to provider consumers with a protective barrier between themselves and public toilet seats.

The Personal Toilet Seat Cover is packaged in a handy travel pouch and is similar in appearance to standard toilet seat covers. It is sized appropriated to completely encompass a standard toilet seat with the center of the unit open. It is washable and manufactured of soft flexible materials. Both the cover itself and the pouch are produced in a variety of designs and colors to meet the likes of individual users. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Personal Toilet Seat Cover.

The Patent Pending Personal Toilet Seat Cover was invented by Cecille Grant of Springfield Gardens, NY who said, “No matter where you are at, this makes visiting and using a strange toilet a much simpler and more comfortable event. It easily folds up where not needed and can be cleansed of germs and bacteria by laundry when at home. It works and once you have used it for yourself or a child, you will never again be without it.”

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